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Hi there! I’m John – a digital marketer with experience working with companies from startup level to some of the world’s largest digital brands both agency and client side. I developed my background in SEO and copywriting from running multiple import/export eCommerce businesses and content affiliate websites, and enjoy looking at digital best practice and how different marketing channels interact with each other.

Outside of digital media, I am a professional gaming and eSports event host and commentator.

Digital Marketing & Technology Blog

PPC Paid Search Negative Strategy

May 3rd, 2016

3 Common Mistakes with Paid Search Negative Strategy

When focusing on a big project such as onboarding a new client or restructuring a large account, paid search negative strategy can often be forgotten about, or considered as an afterthought to the major decisions surrounding a campaign. Big questions like... read more

Goodbye Google Right Hand Side Ads

Google AdWords’ Removal of Right Hand Side Ads: What Search Marketers Need to Know

Google Removes Right Hand Side Ads On The Sly In what has become the Search industry’s water-cooler-discussion... read more

Feb 27th, 2016